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Obtaining the Latest HDF5-1.8 Software

Latest Release: HDF5-1.8.19       [ Newsletter 155 ] [ Compile Info ]

HDF5 Software

HDF5-1.8.19 Source Code

HDF5-1.8.19 Pre-built Binary Distributions

The pre-built binary distributions in the table below include the HDF5 libraries, include files, utilities, and release notes, and are built with the SZIP Encoder Enabled and ZLIB external libraries. For information on using SZIP, see the SZIP licensing information.

Linux 3.10 CentOS 7 x86_64   Compilers:   gcc, g++, gfortran 4.8.5 Individual Utilities
Windows 64-bit ( md5 )   [1]   Compilers:   CMake VS 2015 C, C++, IVF 16  
Windows 32-bit ( md5 )   [1]   Compilers:   CMake VS 2015 C, C++, IVF 16  
Windows 64-bit ( md5 )   [1]   Compilers:   CMake VS 2013 C, C++, IVF 15  
Windows 32-bit ( md5 )   [1]   Compilers:   CMake VS 2013 C, C++, IVF 15  

  1. The HDF Group uses an installer program to install the HDF5 libraries, header and support files on Windows. This installer is digitally signed by The HDF Group. Please be aware that the installer requires that the user have permission to install files on the target computer.

    Also note that the Windows binary distributions are built in Release mode with debugging symbols.

    Please avoid using spaces in directory path names as this can cause problems when building.

    To use the shared libraries on Windows with Visual Studio you must specify the H5_BUILT_AS_DYNAMIC_LIB compile definition.

    Static libraries begin with lib and shared libraries do not. For example, hdf5.lib is the shared library and libhdf5.lib is the static library.

External Libraries Used by HDF5

The SZIP and ZLIB external libraries are optional for use with HDF5. The HDF5 pre-compiled binary distributions include the SZIP (Encoder Enabled) and ZLIB libraries that they are compiled with.

SZIP 2.1.1:


Obtaining Previous Releases

Previous releases can be obtained from the Downloads page.

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