Enterprise Support

What is HDF5® Enterprise Support (ES)?

While the core HDF5 library and file format remains free and open source, HDF5® Enterprise Support (ES) is a paid, annual subscription that provides you priority access to The HDF Group’s professional services including training, prioritized support, bug fixes, and performance optimization for your applications. ES improves success in maintaining HDF5 infrastructure and data quality when using HDF5.

Our expert engineers can help you organize and use HDF5 in ways that maximize accessibility, accuracy, consistency, comprehensiveness, relevance, and timeliness.

Why ES?

For organizations that rely on HDF5 to support mission-critical infrastructure, HDF5® Enterprise Support (ES) means

Save time and money with access to The HDF Group’s professional training and consulting

Ensure data quality by working with experienced HDF5 experts

Optimize the performance of your applications

Minimize downtime with rapid issue response, phone and support portal, and direct assistance from HDF’s Engineers

Select the option that’s right for your organization or business from 3 versions of the HDF5® Annual ES subscription

How does an ES subscription work?

ES comes in three versions, so you can select the option that is right for your program/division, organization, or business.

Enterprise Support Overview

HDF5 Enterprise Support (ES)
Vendor Organization
Regular Maintenance Releases of HDF5 Yes Yes
Priority Support
Access help desk online or via phone < 4 hour response time after receipt of support request Yes Yes
Direct access to technical staff Yes Yes
Rapid issue resolution (commercially reasonable efforts to provide a fix or workaround in less than 5 days after receipt of support request) Yes Yes
Fixes are available in the next scheduled maintenance request Yes
Named technical support account manager Yes Yes
Engineering Services and Training – 50 hours of engineering suppors Yes
Participation in HDF roadmap and recommendation of new features Yes
Annual strategic technical review Yes Yes

“Days” are Business Days Monday to Friday with the exception of federal holidays. “Hours” are Business Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.
Additional fees for nonlocal travel for support or training may apply. Travel times are not counted towards support hours.

Available exclusively to Enterprise Support Subscribers at additional cost

Expert services consulting and training is available at additional cost including:

  • Application development
  • Add-on module development: VOL, VFD, etc.
  • Application review and consulting
  • Filesystem performance tuning